Character Creation Rules

If there is a problem with the below, let the DM know.



  • Max HP at first level, then either:
    • Use average for lvl2+
    • Roll it, re-rolling 1’s for lvl2+
  • 2 Traits


  • Start with Level 5 characters
  • Do not plan on going past Level 10
  • Point-Buy 20
  • Standard experience track
  • Standard wealth, no item limits other than what source they came from.
  • All-Pathfinder game, all non-subscription Paizo sources are allowed
  • Other sources by permission
  • All characters must be approved by only the GM, but players have permission to cancel a session as late as Friday before the selected Sunday due to any concern about a character.

RP Recommendations

Everyone is from Fairadge, either by birth or moving while you were young. This is a village of 50-100 people, where everyone knows each other. Feel free to specify in the character background whatever relations to other players you want. Be aware, you do have to work with these people, no choice. If a wider world is needed, assume you are in a farming village in the middle of nowhere, Aundair, Eberron. I will not be referencing the wider world, and Eberron stuff should ONLY be used for cultures and places, not for mechanics.

Character Creation Rules

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