The village of Fairadge experienced a murder spree during last week’s church service. Without a sound or evidence, Fairadge lost 5 children, and 7 adults. There seems to have been no pattern, including cause of death or motive, and everyone knew these people. There have been no travelers within the last year, so the guard is assuming someone within the village did it. The top suspects, chosen by ability to kill and behavior profile, have been selected to go through the Thousand Foot Trials, a series of challenges set up by the ancients to test innocence and guilt, and a long-standing tradition in the village’s justice system. No criminal can escape it alive.

You, player, are one of the top suspects. Did you kill the child that was choked? The guard that, as far as anyone can tell, was terrorized to death? The farmer that was poisoned? Or are you innocent? Without any evidence or witnesses, only The Trials can say.

You run, and everyone will remember it, and never forgive you. You die, and you must have been guilty. Your only option is to live.

The accused is given plenty of time to prepare, with the full resources of the village at their disposal. After all, the village wouldn’t want an innocent person to be killed in whatever the Thousand-Foot Trials decided to deal them.

The village is watching you. Come tomorrow morning at sunrise, or face the wrath of an unforgiving and paranoid population.

The Thousand-Foot Trials

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